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Causal outings
Casual outings

Plan your Changeover trips and Anniversary dinners with Cabezy and experience our impeccable services.

Business trips
Business Trips

Setup an account with Cabezy, and get a monthly ezy to manage invoice with 14 days to pay.

Medical appointments
Medical appointments

Take a tension free ride with us, we cover all local surgeries, hospitals & dentists.

All occasions
For all occasions

From business trips to casual rides we travel with you in all walks of life, we accept all cards.

Vision of Cabezy

With the motive of providing a budget friendly, user friendly and top notch service, Cabezy was born. Serving almost 1000+ clients, Cabezy earned the love of many more and counting. Over the years we became the pioneer of Cab services earning a lot of love and popularity.

Cabezy is widely known for its reliability, time sensitiveness and flexibility.

Budget friendly
Time sensitivity
Cozy Vehicles
The Drive

We wish to be a part of your life

Travelling is inevitable in our day to day lives. Making that inevitable part as the most pleasant one is the ultimate reason for the birth of Cabezy. Here are the different services we provide.

School pick ups

Is your kid late for his or her test? Are you scared of missing a match or a competition? We are here for you. Type your drop off location and book a ride right away!

Meet and greet services

Being received is one of the feel good factors. Why not allow us to make it the feel best factor. We can welcome you with utmost warmth.


What can make us more happier than being a part of your wedding? Let your wedding bells ring at our presence!

Business Trips

It’s absolutely possible to have a Business trip without hassles. Cabezy can ensure it by every possible means.

Flight runs

Flights don’t deserve to be missed. Our drivers will make sure that you board on time for a bon voyage.


Vacations can become more memorable when you have a person who is familiar with more popular destinations. That’s why you should choose us!

Areas we cover

You can find us in almost all areas locally, from the main towns like Calne, Chippenham, Corsham & Malmesbury to some of the small villages, with our drivers have a good understanding of the area and our fixed prices, you won't pay more than you need to. In the towns filled with high demand for taxi hires, Cabezy proved itself as an oasis in the midst of the desert. We will pick you up anytime, anywhere and provide such a smooth ride.

24/7 Customer Service - Coming soon

We operate 24/7 all throughout the year. We are happy to help at any time. You can reach us via phone call or an email.

Booking management

The most optimised booking management system will help you get a fixed price for your desired ride, even the areas out of town.


Our ultimate goal is your swift and safe ride to your destination. Our navigation paves way to your memorable ride.

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For any queries please give us a call and our team will get in touch in a short notice :)

Frequently Asked Questions

This column can give better insights on our services to build a wavelength between us and the customers.

Yes. We are licenced by the Council.
Yes. We operate 24 hours 7 days a week, subject to advance bookings being made for the nights, we have the right to refuse any journey that maybe time sensitive if we feel that we can't undertake the journey for the time you require.
Yes. The prices are fixed for pre booked transfers. But if there are any additional drop offs, pickups or diversions there will be additional charges.
No. We operate a strict no smoking policy in all our vehicles.
Yes - As we operate within Wiltshire (North) we operate based on their taxi tariff fare card, because these are updated regularly we cannot provide them but they can be found on the Wiltshire council website.
Currently operating at double rate for Bank holidays, Christmas & New Years.
Our driver will wait in the arrival hall with your name card usually by the airport information desk, you will also receive a text with their number in it.
No. We do not operate a shared taxi service.
No. It is at the passengers discretion. You can pay this by cash, card or by using the website when you book it.